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About Outplay - Soccer Tracker

Outplay is a soccer tracker app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Users can play and track soccer matches and get insights into their performance.

Users can track their soccer matches using the companion Apple Watch app. Matches can be tracked either as a continuous match or split up into first and second halves. During the match tracking can be paused and resumed at any time.

The iPhone app can be used to view details of the latest match and previous matches. Users can get insights into their performance with a heat map of their movement and detailed statistics including total distance, top speed, number of sprints, total sprint distance, maximum acceleration and deceleration, calories burned and heart rate. Match summaries can also be shared with friends and family.

Outplay integrates with Apple Health with match details contributing towards Activity rings and fitness goals.

Outplay is designed for privacy with data only stored on device and synced with iCloud. No data is ever sent to a third party.

Outplay is available now for free on iPhone and includes the companion Apple Watch app. Outplay Pro, an optional subscription with additional features, is planned for a future release.

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Apple App ID: 6444451247

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